Bulgaria’s marksmen debuted in the Olympic Games in 1936 in Berlin. The beginning of Bulgaria’s collection of medals was put by Velichko Velichkov 8 years later. In “Tokyo ‘64” he won the silver medal at the small caliber shotgun event. 24 further years needed to pass before Bulgaria’s shooters could shoot the gold. In “Seoul ‘88” Tanyu Kiryakov triumphed with the title for the 10 m pistol event.

Maria Grozdeva wrote her name in golden letters on Bulgaria’s Olympic records. She is the only Bulgarian contestant with 5 medals from 4 Olympiads - “Barcelona ‘92” (bronze, 10 m pistol), “Atlanta ‘96” (bronze, 25 m pistol), “Sidney 2000” (gold, 25 m pistol) and “Athens 2004” (gold, 25 m and bronze, 10 m pistol).


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