fehtovkavioletaBulgaria’s first participation in the Olympics was in “Amsterdam ‘28”. Asen Lekarski featured in the sabre event, and Dimitar Vasilev in the sabre and foil competitions. In 1936 in Berlin Vasilev played at the sabre semi-finals. At the competition with the second weapon – foil he participated in the round of 16.
At the final ranking Vasilev was the 18th of 78 contestants.

In 1980 in Moscow the two brothers Etropolski were a step away form the medal. Vasil became fourth at the sabre event, and his brother Hristo – fifth. Three years later Vasil Etropolski reached a unique record – he registered 124 wins for the season, and won the world title, the world cup and the stars’ tournament.

A similar success was achieved by the Russian contestant Sidyak as well, but his collection lacks the stars’ tournament trophy.

Although the Bulgarian fencers do not have a medal from the Olympic Games, the country has had a worthy representation in the International Federation– for 15 years the doyen of the Bulgarian fencing tradition Violeta Katerinska has been a member of the world organization.


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