Bulgaria’s first participation in the badminton tournament was in 1992 in Barcelona. Six competitors took part in the competition - Diana Koleva, Neli Nedyalkova, Diana Filipova, Emilia Dimitrova, Viktoria Hristova and Yasen Borisov. The best women competitors were Diana Koleva and Neli Nedyalkova as they played at the round of 16 for doubles. Koleva and Nedyalkova participated in the next two Olympiads as well - “Atlanta ‘96” and “Sidney 2000” and together they reached the round of 16 again.

Svetoslav Stoyanov ranked highest in Australia – among the first 16. After that the Bulgarian player started competing for France. The Bulgarian badminton history reached its peak in “Athens 2004”, when Petya Nedelcheva reached fifth place.

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