Bulgarian volleyball players first appeared at the Olympics in Tokyo, in 1964. The team was coached by Dimitar Zahariev, who led the team to the fifth place in the championship. In “Mexico ‘68” the team became 6th, and in “Munich ‘72” – it reached fourth place.

The biggest success for Bulgarian volleyball was in “Moscow 80” when it won the silver. Dimitar Zlatanov and Dimitar Karov have the greatest number of participations at the Olympics – three. Karov was featured in the team in “Tokyo 64”, “Mexico 68” and “Munich ‘72”, and Zlatanov – in “Mexico ‘68” “Munich ‘72” and “Moscow ‘80”. Bulgaria’s last appearance was in “Seoul ‘88”, when the team reached 6th place.

At its first and only participation at the Olympics – “Moscow ‘80” Bulgaria’s women’s team won the bronze medal.


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