Bulgarian track-and-field athletes debuted at the Olympics at the very first modern Games in Paris in 1924. The first medals in this sport were won in ”Munich ‘72” - silver for Diana Yorgova (long jump) and Yordanka Blagoeva (high jump) and bronze for Vasilka Stoikova (discus throw) and Ivanka Hristova (shot put).

The Games in “Montreal ‘76” were extremely successful for the Bulgarian track-and-field athletics. Ivanka Hristova triumphed in the shot put sector, and became the first Bulgarian Olympic medalist in this sport. At the same edition of the Olympics Yordanka Blagoeva won her second medal – bronze in the high jump, and Maria Vergova (discus) and Nikolina Shtereva (800 m middle-distance running) got silver medals.
Petar Petrov also made an accomplishment being one of the finalists in the 100 m sprint in “Montreal ‘76”, and by receiving the bronze medal in “Moscow ‘80”.

The biggest triumph for the Bulgarian track-and-field athletics was at the Games in "Seoul '88", when Yordanka Donkova (100 m hurdling) and Hristo Markov (triple jump) won the titles. This was the first golden award for Bulgarian male competitors. At the same Olympic Games Stefka Kostadinova (high jump) became second, and Tsvetanka Hristova (discus) became third.
At the next Olympics "Barcelona '92" Tsvetanka Hrsitova (discus) got the silver, and Yordanka Donkova (100 m sprint) won the bronze. In the high jump sector Stefka Kostadinova triumphed with the title, but later at the Games in "Atlanta '96". Tereza Marinova was the next to receive a gold medal in the triple jump in "Sidney 2000".

The biggest success in the 100 m sprint was registered by Ivet Lalova, who finished fourth in "Athens 2004", and fifth in the 200 m sprint.


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